Virtual Quilt Show

Maine Quilts is cancelled this summer but we can still enjoy three days of viewing quilts! Click the link for the virtual quilt show–a different set of quilts on display for each day of the show: today, tomorrow and Saturday. Don’t miss it! Here’s the LINK

I entered two pieces–you’ll have to check out the show to see when they get posted.

Time Travel

I was featured in the Artist’s Profile for the March 2020 Maine/New Hampshire/Vermont Studio Art Quilt Associates newsletter but what with everything shutting down and Covid 19 all around I clean forgot about it! It was a pleasant surprise to stumble upon the email Sarah sent so long ago inviting me to fill out the interview questions and submit my profile. Here’s a link to the March Newsletter–wouldn’t it be nice if we could really turn back time?

clock face

Visionary: How do Artists See?

The show catalog, Visionary: How do Artists See?  is now available on Amazon! The show opens June 24 to 27 at the Vermont Quilt Festival and tours New England through 2021. My piece, titled “Living in a Material World,” depicts a child, born to a stark black and white reality, engulfed in material–literally and figuratively.  Sneak a glance, below.




Tree Bits and Thread Paint

I spent Saturday with a great group from Pine Point Quilters. This group is always ready to try out a new technique or experiment with a new idea. I taught the ever popular Tree Bits and Thread Paint class. It’s stress free, fun and easy to do. I’ve taught the class many times to different groups. Every now and then a student will “branch out” and take the project in a different direction. Patty began this tree in class, knowing it was too ambitious to finish that day, but she had a vision! She just sent me the image below. Doesn’t it take your breath away? I love her background fabric choice with the suggestion of falling leaves and rays of sunlight. Her limited color palette works well for her realistic, detailed tree. She is pondering how to finish this piece–I have no doubt she will hit on something that completes it masterfully. Thanks for sharing Patty! It’s stunning.

Patty Tree

Exciting News

My quilt, “Living in a Material World” has been juried into the Studio Art Quilt Associates ME/NH/VT region show, “Visionary”. The exhibit consists of 26 pieces, each 20″ x 20″ and will tour New England venues from June 2020 through 2021.

An artist statement that included the phrase, “I see . . .” accompanied each submission. Here is my statement: Our world insists on the acquisition of material things as a measure of success even though our adherence to this path has created a colorless world for many. I see this child, living a black and white reality, engulfed in a material world that clamors for attention. 

The juror, Carol Larson, had lovely words for this piece: Living in a Material World struck me as the most powerful piece in this exhibit. The artist clearly conveyed the pensive child overwhelmed by the acquisition of stuff in a black and white world. It is both beautiful and haunting.

Can’t wait for the show to start. Opening venue is the Vermont Quilt Festival June 24 to 27, 2020. The show moves to Maine Fiberarts in Topsham July and August of 2020 and will likely wrap up with Mancuso World Quilt Show, Springfield MA in August 2021. Make an effort to see this one!

Material World_Full

Classes in Portland, Maine

Donna Trundy Tree

It’s always fun to get photographs from students showing their completed projects, begun in a class. Donna sent this photo of her Tree, done in a Tree Bits and Thread Paint class. I especially love the quilting she did, with the sun streaming behind the image.

I am working on a new agenda for Picture This! The aim of this class is to learn how to turn a favorite photograph into an art quilt. Here’s a shot of my leaf photo for the class project–and the completed leaf quilt. Sign up online at The Sewing Machine Exchange–March 7, 10:00 to 3:00.


Leaf Quilt


Art Quilts Maine on Tour

Art Quilts Maine traveling tour opened at the Portland Public Library this weekend. They remain on display through January. The quilts display a wide variety of styles and techniques, ranging from personal tributes to the whimsical Whoopie Pie! If you are in downtown Portland be sure to wander in to the children’s section of the library and feast your eyes. Here’s a preview!

Classes at the New Store

Some of you may know that Tyler moved his store, The Sewing Machine Exchange, from Falmouth to Portland in June. The new shop is on Brighton Ave, in the same parking lot with JoAnn’s Fabrics. We had the first class there today–great light, lovely large space–big improvement. Check it out! Today’s class was Tree Bits and Thread Paint. Fun, relaxing way to use up tiny scraps while creating something special. Here are a few student works in progress. Hope they send me pics of the completed pieces to post! If you are in the area, Tyler’s throwing a party next Saturday, 10/26. Tree Bits student work 2019

AQM Travel Show

The Art Quilts Maine annual travel show is hung at the first venue: the Skowhegan Public Library. There’s something wonderful about fabric sharing space with books. The show is in Skowhegan until mid-October. Find it in Lewiston at Kimball St Studios mid-October to mid-November. Then it’s on to Portland where they hang in the Portland Public Library children’s section through January. March and April you can see the show at the Farmington Public Library, with a final stop at the Yarmouth Historical Society for May and June. After that the artwork is returned to the owners so catch it while you can! Skowhegan Library

The Moons of Saturn

Moons of Saturn labelThis quilt grew out of a stash of blocks left by another quilter–I seem drawn to finish what others have started. Sixteen circles pieced in yellow squares, and one large cut circle, stashed in a bag, unfinished. I spent some time in Friendship last summer arranging and rearranging, then piecing the top. With plans made for Friendship this summer, I decided I’d best finish this one! I pulled out the top and quilted it–had fun adding the dragonflies. Casting about for a name for this piece, I started thinking about moons–solar system planets with many moons. One morning I was reading the paper and saw an article about NASA’s new mission to Titan, Saturn’s largest moon! Guess what the subheading is: A Dragonfly on Titan. Could it be any more perfect?

Moons of Saturn